jueves, noviembre 15, 2007

Now in english

All the few previous post I made for this blog were in spanish, my mother language, for now I will try to post in both english and spanish. In english because everybody know that it is the science language, I want that other people interested in systematics, biogeography and specifically cladistics could read my blog! In spanish because I never found another cladistics blog in spanish. The content of posts would not necessarily overlap, I would try to provide translations of each post, but for my own convenience, I want to post technical posts--dealing with computer programming, databasing, and 'phyloinformatics', as Page call it--in english, and philosophical and methodological in spanish. I also want to post about true bug's (Insecta: Heteroptera) phylogenetics, I think I would use english.

I also want to increase the rate of postings ;) I hope, I could post at least one time per week ;).

As you could see, I am not a good english writer, so I hope that this blog could help me to write somewhat better :).

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Anónimo dijo...

es bueno leerlo salva,siga con el el ingles asi es que se pule

un abrazo

alberth c