viernes, diciembre 14, 2007

Really huge news about TNT

I'm out of the city, so no computer for long posts :'(... but I'm happy to give a flash news about TNT: The Willy Hennig Society takes the sponsorship of TNT (a software by Pablo Goloboff, Steve Farris and Kevin Nixon), so from now, the program is free! The are some simple conditions: personal use, and a citation of the program--and the sponsor, that is the WHS ;)--in published results!

In case that you don't know, TNT is the most faster program for phylogenetic analysis under parsimony, implements several new and efficient heuristic algoritms [1,2], and a powerful script/macro language. If you are doing cladistics/phylogenetics, you should surely dream with this program!

I love the matrix editor! Is easy to use, and more straightforward than WinClada, NDE or Mesquite (yep!... far better than mesquite!).

You could download it at:
read the license agreement and enjoy :)

I give the proper citations when I return to Bogotá :P

[1] Nixon, K.C. 1999. The parsimony ratchet a new method for rapid parsimony analysis. Cladistics 15: 407-414.
[2] Goloboff, P. A. 1999. Analyzing large data sets in reasonable times: solutions for composite optima. Cladistics 15: 415-428.

2 comentarios:

Christopher Taylor dijo...

I wish I'd known about TNT becoming free before I shelled out for my copy about two weeks ago :-(

Salva dijo...

:-o... bad luck... nevertheless the original price is not high ;). And if you work under windows, use the character editor :D! Is wonderful!