viernes, enero 18, 2008

DataTube? I can't wait!!

I just read a wonderful news at WiredScience, Google will be hosting open scientific data on the web []! WiredScience says that the interface will be similar to the one from YouTube, with annotations and comments.

I can't wait to see many morphological matrices, and morphological pics! I think that the excellent proposal of Ramírez et al. [1] can be coupled with that project :).

[1] Ramírez, M. J. et al. 2007. Linking of digital images to phylogenetic data matrices using a morphological ontology. Systematic biology 56: 283-294. doi: 10.1080/10635150701313848

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Mike Keesey dijo...

Hmmm ... right now it just looks like a distribution site for papers by Google employees.

I like the idea of a public, electronic, scientific paper/data repository with public reviews, though.