viernes, febrero 29, 2008

A new look!

It is really nice! The page of the Willi Hennig Society has a new design, it is far better than the old one :)... I hope, some new features (like the data matrices, additional data, comments for papers, an open manuscrips storage, blogs from leader cladists...) sooner, but the first step is cool!

Another page was launched, but by now I do not see it :P, is the Encyclopedia Of Life (EOF, this is a horrible acronym, I see it as 'End Of File'), I read the review of Rod Page (see also the review of Chris Taylor), then I hope that many of problems showed by Rod will be solved sooner (they have 50 millions of US$ for 5 years!!)

And the site for the XXVII WHS meeting (at Tucumán, my new home town :D!) would be launched sooner, stay tuned! ;)

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