martes, octubre 28, 2008

Hennig XVII: “Live” blogging, day 1

Yesterday several people came to the reception, I talk with several nice people, it was a very cool afternoon :D!

Today, the meeting start in proper. The site, San Javier, is wonderful, it is atop of a mountain, just in front of Tucumán, so you can see the whole plain that extends to the east, incluing, of course, the city of Tucumán. Excellent place!

There are several talks, some of them are somewhat difficult to get (to me at least xD), but overall, they are really nice. I really, really like the talk of Cecilia Kopuchian about the phylogenetics of Furnaridae (Aves). She combines in a wonderful way the pics of his characters, with his results, so even, if you know noting about the group (like me), you learn several thinks about it, and you are always on the subject of the talk!

For paleontologist, Diego “el caco” Pol give a talk about some fossil Crocodiles from Argentina, and Africa, Mesosuchia (I hope I remember right xD) which were the last surviving taxa of non-modern Crocs.

Julián Faivovich, give a molecular talk about phylogenetics of Hylidae, and to keep the talk interesting, he tries to put his work into a some biogeographical framework (“one taxon” approach, but he tries to make some predictions with his data). I think his results can be very interesting for POY users, as he found a (manual) trick to speed up searches.

Afternoon, James Liebherr, gives a talk about Blackburnia a beetle from Hawaii, he uses live taxa, and several “semi” fossil taxa found in a cave. Jim speaks somewhat slowly, but I love the deep of his work!

Camilo Mattoni, shows the development of an Scorpion data set, from the use of some general data sets of morphology, to specific morphology of the Bothriuridae, to different molecular markers, to a simultaneous analysis.

Louise Crowley works on morphology (and mol. Secs) of a very hard group (also a literal meaning xD), such as oysters. I can believe how many chars you can found in a single shell!

And of course, Santi and Marcos talk about the redefinition of large :).

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