viernes, octubre 31, 2008

Hennig XVII: “Live” blogging, day 3 (banquet)

Of course, one of the most expected things of the Hennig meeting was the banquet, and the banquet speech :)!

Steve Farris announced the the students aware, two argentinian, and friends with some of them :). Sebastian Barrionuevo “el negro”, wins the Rosen Award for best poster. Santi Catalano wins the Hennig award for the best talk (about the use of landmarks in phylogenies).

The banquet speech was given in a pair. Jyrky Mouna was originally assinged for the speech, but he was unable to come, so Kevin Nixon take his spot, talking about the different kinds of trees. It was EXTREMATELLY funny xD. As the meeting is joining with “Reunión Argentina de Cladística y Biogeografía”, Julian Faivovich dío su charla en español ;)... Por su puesto, la charla estaba dirigida sin lugar a dudas a el publico argentino, pero con el background de la misma reunión era suficiente para divertirse mucho!! Fue GENIAL!

My greetings to both speakers :D!!

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