viernes, mayo 01, 2009

The TNT wiki

Just few days ago, the TNT wiki was released. The project is led by my friend Santi Catalano, Matt Yoder and Ximo Mengual. They meet at the Hennig Meeting, in Tucumán, with the idea of provide a friendly environment for TNT users.

This is the link:

For the most part, the wiki is an on-line version of the program help. But as it is a wiki, it is possible to provide several examples and tricks.

I happy to help with the pages relevant to implied weights: IW and IW quick tutorial pages. And I hope to write somethings for the scripting pages :).

Pablo is not directly involved with the project. Nonetheless, from time to time he reviewed some content, and of course, he always encourage its development. :).

Also, there is a TNT google group:, open to questions from any user!

A behemoth analysis, and a wiki, this is a great week for TNT :).

Just in case, this is the TNT is a free software for phylogenetic analysis at any scale. It is sponsored by the Willi Hennig society, and can be downloaded here:

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